Affordable, safe and fast transport services as well as import – export services for all your needs.

Flexible and efficient solutions, both in terms of time of arrival of shipments and in terms of transport costs.

All vehicles have GPS, CMR insurance, as well as comprehensive insurance

We are conducting the process of strategic management of logistics through procurement, movement and storage of materials and finished goods through the organization and its marketing channels, and in the most cost efficient and profitable way possible for our clients.

Every year we process about 40,000 tonnes of products of different dimensions and tons, our team specializes in their area, and our special equipment and location advantage are just some of the reasons why we are the first choice in the project burden …

Logistics includes all business functions and is involved in coordinating all movements of materials, products and goods in physical, information and organizational terms.

Our logistics system is a set of elements of technical, technological, organizational, economic and legal nature with the aim of optimizing the flows of materials, goods, information, energy and people in a particular geographic area to achieve the greatest economic effects.

Supply Chain Management, covers all those activities necessary to deliver goods in the most efficient and profitable way possible for our clients.

As part of our operations, we provide a special flow of materials daily from manufacturer to destination and vice versa in accordance with the schedule of our clients. By performing multi-point downloads, we provide a short, fast flow of materials in accordance with time and load planning. We organize rides from all important industrial centres across Europe to our customers’ plants in accordance with demand.

On time for shipments and delivery